When it comes to 'Chrome Effect' guitars we at SimS offer the following 3 options.

1. SimS Chrome Wrap Round. ( NOW UNAVAILABLE )
This gives a full chrome effect to the whole body and is best for bodies with large contours i.e Ibanez JS, Strat types & neck throughs etc. This gives a good chrome effect and is protected by a high performance 2K eurathane lacquer.

2. SimS Foil Top. ( NOW UNAVAILABLE )
This is a reflective foil based product, which can only be placed on relatively flat surfaces, although the forearm contour will also be covered. Then the whole body is oversprayed with a high performance 2K eurathane lacquer. This gives an OK reflective result but not a perfect mirror.

3. SimS Mirror Top.
This is the same material as mirror pick guards are made from but in a large sheet form. This is also best for flat top guitars i.e Jems, Teles etc. We then use a heat process and vacuum bag to mould the forearm contour. This gives the most perfect real mirror finish we have ever seen, especially when complemented with a mirror scratch plate which we also can supply.

We at SimS feel that this (SimS mirror top) is by far the best option for Jem type guitars as the results are so stunning. If you would like any more information then feel free to ask.

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