Aug 15  

A real mix of ideas all put together to make this customers dream guitar..

  May 15  
For this months star guitar we have.... a Star Guitar! Gold metal flake and fingerboard L.E.Ds..
  April 15  
A thinline Tele style build from Swamp Ash timber finished in a beautiful trans blue colour..
  Mar 15  
This months build is a hot-rodded Tele. Gold hardware, 25" Scale neck and Brass frets!
  Nov 14  
A very special Strat style build made in memory of the customers dad. 1960-2013...
  Aug 14  
A real mixture of ideas and features put together for this build including angled controls...
  Feb 14  
What do you get when you mix a new Gretsch guitar with a Tattoo artist? Click and have a look...
  Oct 13  
A familiar shaped guitar with
some modern features and contempory tweaks...
  Sept 13  
This months build is nice 'neon pink' guitar. Just right for down your local..
  August 13  
A lefthanded build called 'Goldfinger' shows us the light!..
  May 13  
A recent patriotic spray job we did for a customer. Wonderwall anyone!..
  December 12  
A familiar shape with some modern twists including a built in Ghost Acousti-phonic system..
  October 12  
A mixture of different styles in one very attractive guitar!...
  September 12  
A single cut build with a difference! The second of two guitars built for a high flying 'rocking' airline pilot...
  March 12  
This month we show our version of a modern strat, complete with birdseye maple neck and a cherry sunburst finish over a swamp ash body!
  February 12  
A beautiful vintage style P Bass with block inlays and matching sonic blue headstock!
  January 12  
A selection of Ex-Demo guitars we are selling to make room for our new years collection.
  December 11  
This month we create a beautifully modern Tele using Black American Walnut for the body and neck with maple fillets and with gold hardware.
  November 11  
This month we make a JEM guitar with a touch of class. Quilted maple top with an amber finish, black hardware and a special diamond inlay at the 12th fret.
  October 11  
This month we create a strat with les paul features which includes a LP scale length, PAF pickups, Carved maple top, with a strat tremolo and modern C neck!
  September 11  
We show a group of custom teles made by us. Featured are 2 vintage style teles with nitro finishes, quartersawn necks and V neck profiles!
  August 11  
This month we create a pair of 8 string, fan fret telecasters, both carve top and flat top guitars feature custom made pickups and special tonewoods.
  July 11  
This month we make a chrome super t style guitar with sleek contours, built in fuzz factory, floyd rose pro trem, all to the customer's preference.
  June 11  
This month we make a blue mirror super tele, complete with l.e.d.s and on board Ghost Acoustic-phonic preamp and Hexpander Midi Interface!
  May 11  
This month we produce a cool V style guitar, complete with full chrome wrap around and l.e.d.s, this really is one of a kind!
  April 11  
Double Trouble! This month we produce 2 aged mid 60's P Basses, one with our 'Studio' aged finish, the other with our full on 'Festival' aged finish!
  March 11  
Looks like double necks are popular at the moment! In this example we combined a standard 6 string neck, a gibson scale length 12 string neck, and a 7/8th scale body!
  February 11  
This month we've produced twins! Brother and Sister Double Carve, hollowbody Teles with an LP/ 335 vibe, resulting in the perfect mix!
  January 11  
This month we make a double neck guitar with bookmatched fingerboards, and a personal graphic of the customers children, Isla & Molly.
  December 10  
A cool, blue chrome telecaster style guitar, with floyd rose, on board fuzz factory effects and smooth body contours...
  November 10  
This month we make a cool classic style strat, but with a gibson scale length, 24 frets and floyd rose!
  October 10  
Fernandes Sustained, and a Fuzz Factory Probe, custom installed into a customers Telecaster Deluxe by us this month!
  September 10  
This month we celebrate the launch of SimS Guitar Lounge, a special place to come and try out some great guitars!
  August 10  
This month we create a special blue mirror top guitar with on board fuzz factory and sustainer, dubbed 'The Blue Lady'
  July 10  
This month we have made a special 'superhero' themed guitar for the guitarist of the well know covers band... The Superheros.
  June 10  
This month sees us produce a one of a kind P Bass body for a customer with Iron Maiden's 'Eddie' artwork on the front.
  May 10  
This month we make a stunning mirror-top to show with many special features including lasers and LED's...
  April 10  
This month we produce a special project made for Sony to celebrate the release of Iron Man 2 and the ACDC soundtrack...
March 10
This month we make a unique strat and tele combo. Customer requested superlight 7/8 scale bodies, 24 fret gibson scale length and super fat neck profile...
  February 10  
This month sees us making a Chrome JS with a 24 fret twist...
  January 10  
This month we build a one off custom personalised mirror top guitar...
  December 09  
This month sees us make a traditional SG style guitar with a contemporary twist...
  November 09  
Beer and guitars, in our opinion, a great combo. Now a reality for this customer...
  October 09  
Total custom build in tribute to 'Streetfighter' bike magazine...
  September 09  
This month we give this Ibanez JS100 the special chrome treatment...
  August 09  
This month sees us replicate Leo Lyons' personal 1962 Jazz Bass.
July 09
This month we make an explorer with a difference...


February 09
This month we create a special guitar for our own member of staff, Rob..

October 08
This month is a must for all left-handed players! A contemporary style seven string..

August 08
This months guitar is the result of a customers dream guitar.

March 08  
Gotta love those Variax electronics but this customer just couldn't get on with the guitar itself. Now we produce his perfect guitar!

January 08  
This month sees us nake a cool custom guitar with mirrors, crystals and lasers.

August 07  
This months show piece was built for the Vigin Radio competition.

  April 07  
As it's The London Guitar Show month we would like to show one of the guitars we built for the show

  February 07  
This month was the
Born to Rock Show at Harrods.
Showing some of the Gibsons we customised.

December 07  
This month we would like to show you one of our own specials. Made for the forthcoming shows. A lovely double neck with some fantastic designs.

  November 06  
Guitar Of The Month is back after a short break with a Yamaha transformation. Click to see the full METAL treatment!

  May 06  
This month we are showing a selection of guitars that we customised for Fender for thier 60th birthday celebration tour.

  March 06  
March sees us produce a complete transformation on an Ibanez JS model guitar.

  February 06  
For February's guitar of the month we were asked to replicate a PRS Metal guitar.

  January 06  
For January's guitar of the month we look at a custom built guitar that we made as a Christmas gift in December 2005.
Click to view this very beautiful guitar!

  December 05  
December's guitar of the month is a bit special! Guitar teacher and overall guitar wiz Jamie Humphries commissioned a total 'chrome over' on one of his Music Man guitars.

  November 05  
For November's guitar of the month we restore a Charvel bass and add some artwork on the front as requested by the customer. Click on the images and view the Lightning Bass!

  October 05  
This month we try out our new Flakebuster gun on a Fender P-Bass. See how we got on!

  September 05  
This month we make a custom guitar with full onboard fuzz effects from a customers stomp box!
  August 05  
This month we have given an Ibanez guitar the Marble treatment!
  July 05  
For our July guitar of the month we were asked to create a new guitar finish to look like petrol. Check out how we done with the new 'Petrol Head' guitar...
  June 05  
Our June guitar of the month was done for this years London guitar show back in May. We took a 1962 reissue Fender P-Bass and gave it the' Full Flame' treatment...
  May 05  
For our May guitar of the month we were given plans of a customers 'dream guitar' and asked to customise his existing guitar into his own dream model. See how we did step by step..
  April 05  
Our first guitar of the month was back in April. We were given a Gibson Les Paul Standard and asked if we could customise it in the style of the Justin Hawkins signature model...


If you have project you want us to do for you, just contact us and we will be happy to quote for your requirements. Contact Us page.

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