How it all started: After working in the Power Boat & Formula 1 industry Martin Sims wanted to start a new & fresh business in the guitar industry. The beginnings of the SimS Custom Shop started in 1994 when Martin Invented his now world renown L.E.D. retro-fitting fiting service.

Martin had been building guitars & basses on a personal level for some time and after just finishing his latest creation Martin found himself in the situation where he needed better fingerboard visibility under the extreme lighting conditions the band was playing under. So as they say “necessity being the mother of invention” Martin set about working out a way of retro fitting the L.E.Ds without removing the fingerboard thus maintaining the guitars original feel & tone.

  During this period Martin realised that there was a need in Europe for a specialist guitar spray shop facility so in 1999 he opened the “Sims Spray Shop” offering custom spray work for other guitar companies well as private customers. Sims has continued to go from strength to strength and now offers much more than just L.E.Ds. & custom paintwork. In 2004 Sims invested in a bespoke CNC machining facility offering custom built bodies, necks & pickguards also for the guitar industry as well as for private customers alike. Ever moving forward & now with a workforce of 6 employees Sims have focused there attentions to building the very best in custom built guitars & basses. These instruments can be based on the trusty guitar standards of yesteryear as well as being a completely new & original build project. So if you want some custom paint work, L.E.Ds, custom guitars, necks & bodies or fancy having your very own custom built guitar then please feel free to get in touch with the SimS Custom Shop.

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